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#HemHouse: The Dining Room Dilemma

Growing up, my mother always told me I had expensive tastes. I just thought she was trying to get me to buy cheaper stuff until I started living on my own dime and realized it was true. My husband and I just became the new stewards of a beautiful Queen Anne home on the National Register of Historic Places and I’ve been geeking out decorating it. We decided to go modern and highlight the juxtaposition of the old 1800s wood detailing with modern furniture.


It’s beautiful and I walk around Instagraming everything. I’ve mostly pinpointed the #HemHouse’s style and my vision. Growing up in the home decor and furniture business and working in it for the last eight years at Paul Michael Company, I know what’s out there in the market place. Recently, I found these beautiful items for the dining room:


My designer friends tell me I’ve done it backwards… Getting the chairs before the dining table. Here’s how it’s shaping up:


My dilemma is that I found what I consider to be the perfect table… But, it is WAY out of my price range.


What do y’all think? The perfect table? Help me find a great table! Leave your tips in the comments.

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