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Easter Peep Show S’mores Dessert With Reese’s Eggs and Nutella

Easter Peep Show S'mores Dessert with Reese's Eggs and Nutella

Sometimes the best baking decisions are made when creative juice is involved. My fave juice of the moment is the 2011 Raptor Ridge Brut Rosé of Pinot Noir Harbinger Vineyard. Yum. Pink bubbles will get anyone in the Easter spirit and that is exactly what happened at a dinner party my husband and I hosted last weekend. I purchased all of the Easter-candy-greatest-hits to make Easter themed s’mores, which I thought was super precious. Instead of marshmallows, we would use Peeps. Instead of chocolate squares, we would use mini Reese’s eggs. I broke out a tub of Nutella for variety. I had big Easter s’mores plans. By the time we concluded our dinner, it was rather late, warm outside, and we decided not to waste all that firewood to melt some candy. We brainstormed for a moment: Microwave? Gas top stove? Gas fireplace? No. No. NO.

People were giving up and I was in the cabinet getting out the Cuisinart. Recently, I saw a photo of a skillet with golden brown Peeps arranged in a circular pattern, and I thought, “that can’t be too hard.” I blended together the graham cracker with some butter, laid my crust, arranged the mini Reese’s cups on the crust, and then blended together egg, Nutella and more mini Reese’s cups. I figured this was a winning combination. Here’s how the Peep show goes:

Graham Cracker Crust - Peep Show - Easter Dessert Casserole


Mix Nutella, eggs, Reese's eggs to top on the Easter casserole to put Peeps on


Nutella, egg, Reese's eggs poured for the Easter Peep Casserole


Smores Peeps Show on Reese's eggs with Nutella and Graham Cracker Crust


Smores Peep Easter Casserole - Nutella, Reeses Eggs and Graham Cracker Crust

Smores Peep Easter Casserole - Nutella, Reeses Eggs and Graham Cracker Crust

I couldn’t even get a finished pic before friends were digging into this delish dessert. The poor little peeps looked kinda sad, but, hey, it tasted really great!

Easter Peep Show S’mores Dessert

  • 30 Peeps (get creative with your colors and flavors)
  • 20 mini Reese’s eggs (or less count and full size eggs)
  • 18 graham crackers (that’s two packages out of the box I bought)
  • One stick of unsalted butter
  • Three eggs
  • One cup of Nutella

In a food processor, mix graham cracker and butter. Press graham cracker mixture into 9×13″ baking dish, making sure the crust comes up the side of the dish. Place 12 or more (leaving at least four) Reese’s eggs in a line on top of the crust. Place one cup of Nutella, three eggs, and at least four (or the remaining Reese’s eggs) in the food processor and blend until smooth, leaving small chunks of the Reese’s eggs. Pour mixture on top of the Reese’s eggs and graham cracker crust. Arrange Peeps in a pattern on top. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes or until Peeps or golden brown. Serve hot.

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